Luminous Crushed Stones

Luminous Crushed Stones


Luminous crushed stones are a man-made glowing stones, based on Photoluminescent pigment and ceramics. When exposed to light sources, the photoluminescent pigment inside Luminous crushed stones become excited and glow in the dark with very stronger initially , then reducing slowly overnight. The glow is best seen in a dark area, where ambient light sources such as streetlights and moonlight are absent. Luminous crushed stones are used in Concrete, Pavers and marble products as an exposed aggregate. Luminous crushed stones enhance safety by marking the pathway in Low Light Level conditions. In daylight the Luminous crushed stones have a slight white to green color and can be supplied in after-glow colors of yellow-green, blue-green and sky blue .  

With the beautiful decorative glow effect and safety direction function, glow stones are suitable for many application area. It can be used in footpaths, gardens, rockeries, pebble paths, terrazzo concrete, driveways and so on. Spreading  around the swimming poor,  putting in the aquarium or inlay into the scenery wall all are the good idea for us to decorate the new house.


Slight white to green Ceramics


Ceramics and photoluminescent pigment

Afterglow Color

Yellow-green ,Blue-green,sky-blue


More than 8 hours


More than 20 years


 1-3, 3-5, 5-10, 10-15,15-20, 20-25, 25-40, etc

Average Weight

2g -80g per particle



Water Resistant




UV Resistant


Its advantage to other luminous materials

1. Compared with plastic : ceramic has higher intensity and better   weather resistance, can not be fade , more suitable for outdoor usage.

2. Compared with resin:  ceramic has no odor , more cleansing surface, more environment friendly, more suitable for outdoor usage.

Other advantages:  high hardness, abrasion resistance, non fading.

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