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There are two methods to use reflective paint. Method One: a.Choose transparent, neutral or weak acid organic ...
344   2024-01-12

what is glass bead Opacity

The percentage of nontransparent glass bead with total glass bead. the nontransparent glass bead has bad reflective brig...
321   2024-01-12

what is Roundness Ratio

The percentage of round glass beads with total glass beads. The higher the value, the better the quality.
Usually re-emission of radiation, if it occurs, is within nanoseconds (10-9 sec)of the excitation= FLUORESCENCE. PHOSPHO...
319   2024-01-12

What is Fluorescence?

Fluorescence is a luminescence, i.e. optical phenomenon in cold bodies, in which a molecule absorbs a high-energy photon...
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