About Us

   Jinan Great Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by professors, returned overseas scholars, as well as doctoral and master students from Shandong University. Overall, the company staff have bachelor degrees or above and they major in frontier subjects, such as polymer materials, crystal materials, ceramic materials, biochemistry, economic management and marketing.

The main products of the company include high refractive glass micro-beads and long afterglow photoluminescence pigment. 

   The high refractive glass micro-beads technology is sponsored by the State 863 Project. The product overcomes the weaknesses of the traditional techniques that involve huge investment and high consumption; it has the advantages of good roundness and reflective performance.

   The adoption of tunnel kiln for the first time in China to produce long afterglow photoluminescence pigment greatly improves production efficiency, reduces unit energy consumption, eliminates graphite release agent, and reduces the pollution to the environmental pollution. The product is characterized by high initial brightness, bright color, and long afterglow duration.

   The company management team is full aware that “Science and technology are primary productive forces”. They strive to develop new products with research and emerging technologies. For instance, color glass beads, reflective printing accessories, and lighting crystal balls are all products embodying our vision and wisdom.

   Starting a business is a challenging but exciting process. We will always abide by the principle of “Upholding technology, customer first” with an eye to bringing our specialized knowledge into full play. We will spare no efforts to produce the best products and to repay the society with the best services.