How much Photoluminescent pigment does it take?

2018-11-15 20:39:00

This common question has one answer - it is up to you. The amount of photoluminescent pigment will depend on how much glow desired, cost effectiveness, type of application method etc. The Basic Guidelines dictate from 10% to 50% by weight. If you’d like to produce a low cost item, a lower percentage would work best for you. If you screen-print shirts and want to make only one pass, a higher percentage would work better. Please also consider the particle size of the powder and the color of the surface to which the medium is going to be applied. Experimentation will be the best method of determining ratios after following the guidelines found on this paper. Do not hesitate to call us for further help or answers to any questions you might have. We look forward to working with you! 

As to the Photoluminescent film, you can silk screen printing any safety symbols or pictures on the surface, for safety purpose or just for decoration. The screen printing ink you use is not luminous, the bottom is luminous. Therefore, you can see it in the dark! You can also digital carve it into any shapes. Imagine that you can stick moon or star images to the ceiling of your kid’s bedroom and they would feel very safe at night.

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