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What is photoluminescence?

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Summary:What is photoluminescence?So the photoluminescence process is circulatory...

Lightlead photoluminescent materials (commonly called “glow-in-the-dark”) has the ability to absorb light (sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent,etc) and then to emit light. When ambient darkness occurs, it becomes highly visible, lasting for at least 8 hours. Our best products could last for more than 20 hours.

Upon removal of the light source, the stored light is gradually released, the strongest glow is produced during the first 30 minutes in the dark, the most critical period following a power failure or other emergency. Then it fades over a period of time, when there is light again, it stores energy again. So the photoluminescence process is circulatory.

The bases of most photoluminescent products are photoluminescent pigments that can be incorporated into coat, paint, ink, fabric, ceramic glaze or porcelain enamel, glass, flexible and rigid molded plastics. Typical products include self adhesive flexible vinyl tapes, rigid PVC marker strips, and silk-screened signage. Photoluminescent fabric, enamel-coated sheet metal and ceramic tiles are also available.

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